The grass is green yonder, on the hill.

Tis a fairytale they tell me,

Yonder, over there, on the hill.

All manner of childish delights,

Winged pixie fairy things

And wizards dressed in silk,

All lay just out of sight,


Over there, over the brow of the hill.

Enchanted sprites sing,

You can hear their voices whistle in the wind,

As we ride so high, on a magical dragon ride,

Around the castle's spire,

Astride an emerald beast,

We'll unleash a plume of fire,

As we roar and glide,

The clock strikes midnight,

It is the time at which twinkle-twinkle-little-star appears,

And you may wish for your hearts desire.

At this special hour,

Repunzel will let down her hair,

Delicate femininity to ensnare,

Prince charming already waiting there.

For he asked the mirror, who is fairest of them all?

Yet a secret he bares, a beguiling disguise!

For, if she should kiss his regal lips,

A frog shall appear!

Oh, imagine her surprise,

A squeal of delight?

Leave the young lovers to their tryst.

They will live happily ever after,

Just over there, just out of sight,

Obscured by a dew drop mist,

Over the brow of the hill.

Maybe your hearts desire lays deep within the enchanted wood.

We could venture there upon a unicorn,

It's only a little bit further,

Yonder I believe,

Well, somewhere.