Grace the day, it shimmers with possibility. That which I can conceive I can be.

I am not shackled by the sum of all my yesterdays. I pick and I choose what to carry with me. I roam from here to there and everywhere in between. I create the world anew each day - sometimes I stumble, sometimes I soar. Sometimes I find myself somewhere completely unknown.

Wending my way, welcoming this and rejecting that, treading a path, by circuitous route we arrive at that night.

I took his hand and entangle his fingers with mine. What a surprise to find time marched no further for we had arrived at a boundless horizon, an open expanse - a meeting place of minds.

We drifted there, he and I. How long we spent I cannot say, for when the tic-tock of the clock falls silent, what use a watch?

Oblivious to the world we kissed as a force so compelling held us firmly in its grasp. As electrifying as was his touch, it was impossible to deny that truly we were driven to succumb to the brush of each others being. Yet strangers resist; for here is an unknown threatening to complete that which we did not even know was missing.

How best to describe the moment we allowed ourselves to realise?

As a stream of unobstructed harmony.

And as we lay there, talking softly, communicating deeply and simply, flowing together, I was made complete. It was a moment of creation in which we revelled even as its inevitable demise approached. For if one thing is known, for every beginning there is an end - it just depends when.

And there we have it, today is not that night. Twas a certitude that time would return with a vengeance and extract its price. Yet put aside the mundane we say is reality - the threads we wove, that joined he and I, still tingle and tug. This is something I’ll happily carry with me.